Don't be silo-ed

Big firms operate in silos, but what you need is a one-stop brain – someone who sees the whole picture.

A property task doesn’t take place in isolation – we look creatively at what makes the most business sense.
We offer the full range of services, including advice on acquisitions and disposals, occupational asset management, investment acquisitions and sales, rent reviews, lease renewals, service charges, lease complexities and problem solving, market advice, rates and property consultancy.

The large firms will claim a 'seamless' fluidity between departments, but in reality that is hardly ever the case. What you really need, and what you get at Koopmans, is a one-stop brain. You get someone who sees the whole picture, who instantly picks up how doing something in one part of the business may have ramifications in another part, and who can see the possibilities and create the most profitable outcome in any given situation.

We bring to all these services a commercial sensibility. Being commercial means taking a reasonable and experienced view: what is the pragmatic, clear-headed approach given the overall business situation? And we add to this a culture of creativity approach – coming up with ideas, not just following instructions.

Property asset management at Koopmans means you have all these services at your disposal, optimised to create wealth from your portfolio.